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Making a choice is not easy, but if you find that  one contractor meets your requirements, then  you should trust your judgment. If you feel  comfortable, but still have doubts, then choose  the one you feel most comfortable with.  We know that you have a choice. It’s our  desire that Mercantini Electric is that choice.  Contact us today and let us prove that we are  the best!
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Community Service Volunteers from across the state worked around the clock to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. It was less than one year ago that hurricane-force winds swept through New Jersey, knocking down trees and power lines and leaving thousands without power. One such volunteer, Amelio Mercantini, helped to restore power when local resources were not enough to meet needs following the wind storm. Thank you, Mr. Mercantini!
THE BEST www.mercantinielectric.net Home Home Services Services Reviews Reviews Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Watch Video Watch Video Contact Contact Caring deeply about your safety  and well being KEEPING YOU SAFE We are there for you GIVING BACK Click Here For Our Customer Reviews DID YOU KNOW?  Homes can fall to risk of fire and accidents associated with faulty electrical. The primary threats exist with cooking and laundry appliances. People that rent are 7 times more likely to experience a house fire than homeowners. Almost half of homeowners and renters are not sure who is responsible for electrical safety.
Whatever your electrical needs, Mercantini Electric has the low  cost solution to your electrical problems. With more than 30  years of experience in solving all types of electrical problems  ranging from small residential jobs to larger commercial wiring  and lighting. With all work done by master electrician/owner,  Amelio Mercantini, your job is guaranteed one on one personal  service and low prices. Our business is owned and operated by Amelio Mercantini, who  is a fully licensed and insured Electrical Contractor. He holds a  NJ Electrical Inspectors License with over 30 years of experience  in residential and commercial work. We have been in business  since 1989. We provide free estimates and emergency service.  Our goal is customer satisfaction, we offer the lowest prices in  South Jersey, due to our minimal overhead expenses, and we  provide exceptional customer service.  The safety of your family is one of our biggest concerns.   Did you know that in the United States, seven children are treated for receptacle related injuries  every day? What's more alarming is that recent studies have shown that nearly 100% of children  aged 2-4 years old are able to remove receptacle safety caps within 10 seconds! That's why we  only install safe, tamper-resistant receptacles in all of our residential jobs. At Mercantini Electric, our  commitment to our customers means that in addition to providing you excellent service and value in  electrical work, we care deeply about the safety and well-being of you and your family.  Mercantini Electric is committed and dedicated to quality service and craftsmanship for all of our  customers. Whether your project is big or small, we put the same effort and quality seen on our  Commercial projects as we do into all of our residential work. We diligently work to resolve all of  your electrical issues through troubleshooting and repairs and offer a wide variety of services.  I am a huge believer in giving back and helping out in  the community. Think globally, act locally I suppose. I believe that  the measure of a person's life is the affect they have on others.  We believe that giving back to the community is more important  than ever.   
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